ALFEEL for Mobile Phone Devices
is a well established telecommunications Store offering a vast range of mobile phones, all types of mobile phone and Tablets, specially Apple and Samsung devices.

ALFEEL for Mobile Phone Devices has established it's self as a leading wholesaler and retailer of telephony products in Libya.

Tripoli, Libya, Ras Hassan, El-madar Str.

Bani Walid, Libya, Front of Alquds school, Beginning of Aldahara Str. +218.91.318.1832 / +218.92.880.8780

A wholesaler as well as a retailer, economies of scale are exploited by ALFEEL for Mobile Phone Devices so as to provide the end-customer with the best solutions and brands at the least cost.

ALFEEL for Mobile Phone Devices acquired expertise and the best brands so as to carry a complete product range in this sector. A wide range of sectors, including banks, government departments, car dealers, retail outlets, and several other manufacturers, wholesalers and retail outlets which are heavily dependent upon cash transactions, are now regular customers of ALFEEL.


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